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DIY 设计工具


之前 workshop 有人问到设计工具去哪里找的问题,昨天正好我在 STBY 工作的朋友给我分享了一本她参与写作的 创新工具书: DIY - Development, Impact & You。虽然名字里并没有指名道姓的说是给 服务设计师用,这个项目本身也是关注于 社会创新 social innovation。但是我常说好用的工具就是好工具,这次我终于找到一个中文版的工具大全,看英文头痛的同学有福啦 --》 戳我 下载 PDF

这本书里分享了30个工具,详细说明了在什么情况下可以使用哪些。里面有我 workshop 里面分享的 商业模型(04), 服务蓝图(26),人物形象(17,我们叫用户原型)体验图(27,我们叫它用户体验流程)。 工具本身的价值是很有限的,在对的时候用对的工具,工具的真正价值只有在用的人手里才能体现。不过这个在什么情况下用什么工具怎么用跟谁用的问题,很多时候就是两个字 经验。 想要获得经验,只有不断的寻找机会在工作中,在业余的活动中,甚至在日常生活中不断 尝试咯。

设计就像游泳,只有跳下去 呛两口水 才能达到游刃有余的境界。


One of my best Service Design friends, Megha from STBY, introduced me to this book she's involved in writing - DIY, Development, Impact and You.  (@DIYtoolkit) Another great book of toolkits and relevant case studies in the areas of social innovation. Also, they've got a very helpful Youtube channel full of real cases of how these tools can be used.




what is Social Innovation?

Find this very interesting article online that reports some inspiring reflections on what is going on in the Social Innovation in the UK. Thanks to Redjotter for the link :)

Also, i was very impressed by the really powerful Google Translation function for webpages!


the new world of working

Had a interesting converstion with Arne at DesignThinkers today... and one thing leads to another, Arne send over a link of Work 2.0 http://tinyurl.com/b9mo7j then I find another little piece of video from Lisa Bodell from FutureThink, talking about emerging concepts in Human Capital Management from an innovation perspective. Well... to be honest, I am not really such a big fan of getting Gen Y standing stand out from all other generations, as I kinda consider it more of a marketing invention to make more money out of us... but I do believe that our working is changing, no matter it is for good or for bad. Let's see what Lisa says...