Dr Qin Han is a design generalist. This blog space shares her insights and reflections under topics areas such as Service Design, Design Research, and Social Innovation. 

Qin works as a User Experience Architect at LBi London, a global marketing and technology agency with a focus on utilising User Experience research and design practice into its web solutions for organisations ranging from financial services to comsumer goods, technology and entertainment providers. She is a key player in running some of London's most recognised (and loved) Service Design events, including: Service Design Drinks, Talks, Thinks and Global Service Jam London.

Qin holds a PhD in Service Design from the University of Dundee and has several years of experience working as a Teaching Fellow for the Master of Design programme, where she was awared her master degree with distinction in 2006. Before moving to Britain, she received training in Computer Science and Technology at Tongji University, China. Her interdisciplinary and international experience in teaching, research and design practice contributes to her unique perspective on the future of design and its contribution to organisation and innovation.